"What do you need?" It's 2am. It's dark. You're tired. You've been staring into the slowly fading beam of your headlamp for hours now. Your race plan is a thought so distant it may as well be on another planet. You can't remember exactly what you put in your drop bag. You just know you're getting cold and you need to keep moving.

You don't want to think. You need to see.

Introducing Josie and the Rhino bags. See the what's in the bag without dumping or digging. Organize your gear ahead of time with multiple pockets and dividers. Use the heavy-duty plastic zippers that won't bind or catch with numb fingers so you can get those gloves on. Durable, waterproof construction keeps your spare clothes dry and protected.

Josie and the Rhino bags are hand-crafted in Seattle. Our bags are the result of many iterations and hours of field testing. They have been used at races such as HURT, Rocky Raccoon, UTMF, Western States, Hardrock, Cascade Crest, and Wasatch.