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    About Us

    Senci was founded in Chongqing China in 1990, Contributed the creation and production of high quality power equipment

    As a professional inverter and manufacture of small-medium sized alternator and generator, Senci consists of 8 subsidiary factories, 1 import and export trading company, and 2 overseas company in USA and Dubai specialized in developing, producing and exporting high quality gasoline generator, gasoline engines, water pumps, pressure washers and other spare parts such as mufflers, control panels, frame, etc. All of the subsidiaries possess their own intellectual property rights and patents and have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, with products gained quite a few international certificates. By which, Senci enjoys high reputation in his own filed and provides excellent products for customers that from more than 50 countries and regions among which there are quite a few world-class generator giants that Senci has established steady and close collaborative relationship many years.

    To create board prospect mutually on the basis of meeting demands from customers in all round way, Senci keeps providing innovational products and service as well as contributing to sustainable profit and profitable increase for global clients.

    We are professional generator. We are doing our best to be a respected company in our filed, with support of over 2700 innovative and hard-working Senci staff.

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